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Santa Ynez Estate Boasting Consistent Bounce and Casita Asking $5.9 MM

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Location: 2830 Calzada Avenue, Santa Ynez
Price: $5,900,000
Size: 6,121 sq. ft on 22 acres

Santa Ynez continues to surprise us with the quality of housing stock, such as this perfectly situated Spanish-style estate overlooking the valley below. The main home, built in 1985, includes 7 bedrooms, 6 baths and 6 fireplaces, plus a pool in the central courtyard. The estate also includes a 2 bed/1 bath "casita" behind the main house for loved ones, and a separate 2 bed/2 bath home down a separate driveway for loved ones you'd like to be further away. The casita features its own dog yard and sports court. The property boasts a clay tennis court that "features a self-regulating irrigation system that waters the court from below to ensure a uniformly wet and firm surface for a consistent bounce and exceptional footing." Consistent bounce is all we ask for in life. Stop being poor, and buy this home before it's too late!
· 2830 Calzada Ave, Santa Ynez, CA 93460 [Trulia]