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Everyone Pissed About Lomita's Voyeur-Happy Roof Funerals

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Residents in a cemetery-adjacent condo complex in Lomita are up in arms over the neighboring memorial park's new mausoleum—namely, that they're burying people on top of it. The rooftop burial ground means that some residents' homes now overlook mourners and funeral services, says the Daily Breeze. "We're sitting there eating brunch on the weekends and we have people right outside our window crying their eyes out," says one condo owner.

Families who hold services on top of the 10-month-old mausoleum are equally creeped out by their proximity to condo dwellers, especially because some residents are less than respectful. The memorial park is sending a cease-and-desist letter to the complex's homeowners association, complaining that, on more than one occasion, condo occupants "disrupted funerals by banging on pots and pans, yelling profanities and setting off car alarms."

The memorial park has always been there, but before the mausoleum was constructed, there was more distance between services and the residents of the complex. Now things have gotten so ugly that the condo complex's angered residents have lawyered up and so has the memorial park. The issue's going before the Rancho Palos Verdes Planning Commission in early August, but if the two sides can't figure out some way to compromise, the commission might just put a 90-day moratorium on rooftop burials, though condo owners are gunning for a permanent stop to the services.
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