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LA Bullet Train Could Run in Tunnel Under the San Gabriels

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The California High-Speed Rail Authority recently decided it wants to get moving ahead of schedule on the portion of the Los Angeles-to-San Francisco line that will run through LA County and now it's looking at a tunnel connecting Palmdale to a Burbank Airport station as a possible alternative to a route that would run along the 14 Freeway through Acton and Santa Clarita, reports the Daily News. The tunnel would go under the San Gabriel Mountains and shorten the travel time along the stretch, though it's not yet known by how much. Also not known yet: how much more it's going to cost. The new route, plus one that runs from Burbank to Union Station will be discussed at an upcoming series of public scoping meetings over the first few weeks in August.

The potential tunnel for the $67.6-billion project is already more popular with at least one LA County supe and the locals along the 14 Freeway, who worried about the homes and structures that would have to be cleared in order to have the 220-mile-an-hour train running through their neighborhoods (and also about the values of those homes that remain).

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