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The Catty Nicknames Arts Districters Have For the Gentrifying One Santa Fe Mixed-Use

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The days when the cops wouldn't get out of their car in the Arts District unless someone was dead are long gone, according to the anecdotes some long-time AD denizens shared with the LA Times today. It's got to be especially painful for the tenants who remember when $150 a month got you a 3,200-square-foot studio to see a fancy cup of joe asking $4. ("Four dollars for a cup of coffee? It better have crystal meth in it," a resident laughs.) And it's got to be extra-painful for them to see developments like the enormous mixed-use One Santa Fe coming in, charging about $1,500 for 363 square feet of living space.

The locals are so annoyed with the long, sinewy encroachment on their neighborhood, they've come up with several pretty clever nicknames to show their distaste for the place:

· the Cruise Ship (fitting, as the amenity-laden One Santa Fe, with its infinity pool, three whirlpools, and spinning studio is basically one buffet area short of casting off)
· the Wall
· the Death Star
· the Empire State Building on Its Side
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One Santa Fe

Santa Fe Ave. & First St., Los Angeles, CA 90013