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Cesar Millan Planning World's Biggest Dog Park in Santa Clarita

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[Background image via A/N; dogs via Dora Zett / Shutterstock]

Since leaving the South Central canine compound where he built his dog training empire, dog whisperer Cesar Millan has been holding classes at a Santa Clarita property now called the Dog Psychology Center. The no-frills, hilly 45-acre property currently hosts regular training sessions for owners and their dogs, but according to the Architect's Newspaper, Millan's looking to upgrade, and he's dreaming big. The plans include "the world's largest dog park, a home for his foundation, the Dog Psychology Center, a dog track for training rescued dogs, and villas for pet owners to stay when they're treating their dogs." A/N reports that Millan is still in search of funding for his doggie rehab project.
· Dog House: World's Largest Dog Park, Psychology Center Could Be Built Near Los Angeles [A/N]