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Can Petra Stunt Get $150 Million For the Infamous Manor?

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Shut it all down, The Manor is for sale again in Holmby Hills. Petra (Ecclestone) Stunt, the 25-year-old Formula 1 heiress who became the infamous megamansion's second-ever owner in 2011, is now quietly shopping it around for $150 million, reports the LA Times. The completely 56,500-square-foot Manor was built in 1991 by television super-producer Aaron Spelling and his doll-loving wife Candy, and became famous for its giftwrapping room, doll museum, bowling alley, etc. etc. etc. After Aaron's death, Candy listed the property for $150 million and finally sold to Stunt for a mere $85 million. Stunt completely overhauled the house, airing out the doll must and bringing in dark velvet, crystals, a custom coat of arms created by her decorator, and a Marc Quinn sculpture of twin Pamela Andersons in bikinis. Now she's looking for the very same thing Candy Spelling was after once: $150 million.

TMZ, however, reports that Stunt will go a bit lower, as long as the sale price stays above $102 million, the record-breaking price paid for the nearby Fleur de Lys megamansion this past spring. There are apparently five real estate agents working furiously to broker Los Angeles's new most expensive sale.

The Manor has 14 bedrooms and 27 bathrooms on 4.7 acres.
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The Manor

594 South Mapleton Drive, , CA 90024

Fleur de Lys

350 N. Carolwood Dr., Los Angeles, CA