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Opponent of Millennium Hollywood Project Says He's Spotted the Elusive Earthquake Fault

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George Abrahams, noted Hollywood Hills NIMBY, member of the Central Hollywood Neighborhood Council Land Use Committee (someone gave this guy power to decide land use issues??), and occasional Curbed commenter, has used his discerning eye to spot what he calls a fault in a picture taken inside a trench dug near the proposed site of the massive Millennium Hollywood project. Abrahams, who is not a geologist but is a rabid opponent of the development (and really almost all development in Hollywood), says he spotted the fault after examining pics from inside the trench.

An NBC LA report states that documents obtained from the city of Los Angeles describe the previously unknown fault found on the southeast corner of Yucca and Argyle inside a trench dug in front of an apartment complex, but a video obtained by a drone fails to show the same fault line in the trench dug at the site of the proposed 6230 Yucca project across the street.

Official word from the Building and Safety department about what was found in the new trench remains outstanding, but if the fault is found to continue through the site, the multi-million-dollar project could be derailed, leaving us with boring, but safe parking lots for generations to come.
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