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Study: Lots of Metro Riders Are Not Buying Tickets

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The threat of a pricey citation for riding the Metro rails without a valid fare is really not great enough to scare people into buying tickets. An analysis of Metro data by the LA Times found that, in 2013, there were 40 percent more people riding the trains than there were tickets sold. (*While Metro's not sure how many riders are riding without paying, they say the gap between riders and payers is not all about fares: "Some passengers buy multi-day passes and forget to scan them, or don't realize they need to. Equipment can malfunction. Ridership estimates may be too rosy," etc.") A look at the station-by-station data shows, not surprisingly, that many stations experienced a bump in ticket sales the month that Metro locked the gates to their platforms—Union Station's Red and Purple Lines look like they saw more than 100,000 additional scans in the month the fare turnstiles were locked, which isn't too surprising.

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