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Droning Over Downtown LA, Gold Coast's Glorious Past

[Vincent Kartheiser is selling his really cool little house in Hollywood for $808k]

This Week's Top Stories: Drones: Friend or foe? It's too soon to know, but we found a cool one that flew over Downtown LA and filmed stuff and that was pretty okay. Curbed Features took an in-depth look at the role of Old Hollywood in creating the Gold Coast along the beach in Santa Monica, and how there might be a revival in our lifetime. The old Robinson-May building in Beverly Hills finally made its date with the wrecking ball this week, and now its in ruins. Better pedestrian and bicycle connections to surrounding neighborhoods may be in the works for the revamped Union Station, but only if funding becomes available. A terrible AirBnB guest is refusing to leave the property he rented in Palm Springs. Renderings for the long-awaited 1200 Figueroa project in the parking lots across from Staples Center have been released, revealing some tall glassy towers. Rumors of the President and Mrs. Obama buying a home in Rancho Mirage are swirling, but we're not believing it until the President tells us it's true in a national address from the home's living room.