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NYC's Famed Novogratz Design Team Flipping Del Rey Dump

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The husband-and-wife design/home rehab duo of Robert and Cortney Novogratz has built its rep in NYC over the last two decades, sprucing up spaces and putting basketball hoops everywhere. Now, they've hit Los Angeles for the first time, rehabbing this formerly sad little four-bedroom house in Del Rey. The listing from when the Novogratzes purchased the property (for a shocking $743,00) proclaimed that the "House needs everything!!!" and declared it was a great opportunity for anyone "willing to handle a major renovation" (More photos here.) The Novogratzes really worked their magic here.

So much has been done to make this house into the "casual, fun, happy, cheerful, hip, artsy, edgy and unique" home it is today. A rep for Novogratz tells Curbed that the plumbing and tile in the bathrooms has been replaced and a double shower's been created in the master bathroom; in the now-family-friendly kitchen, a new island's been added as well as all new appliances have been installed. The current listing says that the fourth bedroom's even been converted into a den. The yard, once a dry dirt lot, is now sporting a wide deck.

Clearly aimed at the Silicon Beach set, this house is now asking $1.299 million.

· 12715 Short Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90066 [Redfin]
· California Style Mid-Century Bungalow [Novogratz]