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Redondo Can Choose Power Plant or Mixed-Use Development

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Redondo Beach voters could be allowed to make quite the decision in 2015: keep a hulking, out-of-place AES power plant or allow the owners to build a low-density mixed-use development. A toughie! AES's plan would tear down the 1960s-era plant (an earlier power plant first began operation at the site in the 1890s) by 2020 and create a relatively modest development to take its place: no more than 600 low-density residences, 250 hotel rooms, and 85,000 square feet of retail, according to the Daily Breeze. The plan also calls for a ton of green space and pedestrian-friendly amenities, including an esplanade on Harbor Drive, a possible greenbelt for nearby Hermosa Beach, and a promenade on Herondo Street, plus four acres of park space. AES is gathering signatures with hopes of putting this on the March ballot; the only possible argument against the proposal may be TRAFFIC!, but this is a project even a NIMBY could love.

AES claims the power plan is redundant, considering their expansion plans in Long Beach and Huntington Beach. If voters reject the plan, they'll still knock down the power plant, but go ahead with earlier plans and build a smaller one in its place.
· Redondo Beach voters can replace power plant with development through new AES plan [Daily Breeze]