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Drone Video Reveals the Parts of DTLA You Can't Usually See

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Sure, drones are always spying or dropping bombs on people, but they're also always shooting super-dope videos of stuff we wouldn't otherwise see. (A real mixed blessing!) Thank god, Downtowner Ian Wood has gone with Use Two in this beautiful video of Downtown LA, which, as he writes, "Above the grit and noise of the street ... quietly provides some of the most amazing visual detail in its buildings and public art works." He tells us via email that he spent about two months of weekends shooting this video with "a GoPro camera attached to a quad propellered remote controlled helicopter that looks a bit like a mutant chicken." Besides revealing the little-seen highlights of Downtown's buildings, he also hoped to show that drones aren't so bad—on Vimeo he explains he followed all existing FAA regulations, shot early in the day to avoid people, and deleted "any shots inadvertently revealing private activities or people in a place of privacy." Don't think about it so hard, just enjoy:

Downtown Los Angeles from Ian Wood on Vimeo.

· Downtown Los Angeles [Vimeo]