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Downtown LA Could Get an 84-Station Bike Share System

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Like them or not, Metro's new toll lanes on the 10 and 110 (aka ExpressLanes), are pulling in bank from all those solo commuters paying for the faster drive. Aside from maintaining the ExpressLanes, the agency uses much of the money for transportation improvements in a three-mile area surrounding the lanes and it now has $26 million to spend, Streetsblog reports. And Metro has some pretty exciting proposals in mind: a Dodger Stadium express bus from the South Bay, more express buses, and—the biggie—a Downtown bike share program and a Union Station cycling hub. Los Angeles had been working on a much-heralded citywide bike share program (something like New York's Citibikes) for years, but ended up having to drop the whole thing because of issues with advertising on the bike kiosks. The city is now looking at a regional bike plan that would include satellite cities like Santa Monica and West Hollywood, but meanwhile Metro is looking at getting a system up and running in the most sensible place: Downtown. Here are all the details so far on the Downtown bike share:
· Initially 84 stations around Downtown, with the option to expand to other toll lane-adjacent areas like USC
· 840 bikes up for the taking
· The bike kiosks would be regularly maintained and a vehicle would redistribute bikes to stations that are low
· Metro is also exploring a regionwide bike share, but officials aren't sure yet if the Downtown system will be part of it or will operated as a separate endeavor
· Construction would start next year

Details on the Union Station bike hub:
· It would be a $1.2-million facility
· It'd offer secured access bike parking, with 24-hour access
· It'd offer bike rentals
· It would have a retail sales center with accessories
· Staff would be on hand to fix busted bikes
· Construction is tentatively set for fall 2015 with an opening the following year
· Metro officials are not yet sure where in Union Station the hub would be located
· Los Angeles's Big Proposed Bike Share Program is Now Dead [Curbed LA]

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