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Watch Skateboarders Travel on Totally Deserted LA Freeways

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Anyone who's made a 4 am trip to LAX has made the discovery that there are always cars on the freeway in Los Angeles somewhere. Is that what makes this rather cinematic video—of skateboarders careening across deserted overpasses and through carless underpasses—so captivating? You have to wonder when this video, via LAist, was filmed. How did filmmaker Russell Houghten manage to capture these locations without a single car going by? He didn't: he edited them out in post-production. So now the new question is trying to figure out how these skateboarders landed those tricks without getting hit by any cars.

Urban Isolation from Russell Houghten on Vimeo.

· Watch These Skateboarders Ride Through The Completely Empty Freeways And Streets Of L.A. [LAist]