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Know Your Meiselman: MCM With Enviable Outdoor Space

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Location: 2193 East Terry Lane, Palm Springs
Price: $649,000
Size: 1,944 sq. ft on 12,632 sq. ft. lot Located in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Palm Springs, this well cared for mid-century modern home, described as a successful vacation rental, might be confused for a more well known Alexander home (there are 2,500 something of them around Palm Springs). According to the listing, the home was built by Jack Meiselman -- a local developer who built homes in the area around the same time as Alexander. The primary differences between the Alexander and Meiselman homes is in the layout of the kitchens and the placement of bedrooms. At one point the two developers had collaborated but had a falling out, with an interestingly bitchy outcome.
From the Paul Kaplan blog: "Little is known about Jack Meiselman. Jack Meiselman, a local builder, worked with Bob Alexander in a joint venture on a number of the Alexander Construction homes. At some point there was a falling out between the two men, rumor has it that finances were involved, and Jack Meiselman decided to get out of the deal. Seeing a lucrative opportunity in these new tract homes, they were selling like hot cakes after all, he and his brother Bernie Meiselman would follow wherever Alexander was buying land, then they would buy the adjacent parcels. Old school parasites. He came up with a "Modified Alexander" layout and built roughly 350 tract homes sprinkled amongst the Alexander Homes.

Legendary Palm Springs architect William Krisel had even harsher things to say about Meiselman. "Jack Meiselman was a cheap hack who stole our plans and built a poor imitation using inferior materials and unskilled labor! That`s all I have to say about him."
· 2193 E Terry Ln, Palm Springs, CA 92262 [Trulia]