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Metro Makes a Deal Not to Disturb Disney Hall With Its Subway

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Teamwork! Metro and the Music Center, which leases space to the Walt Disney Concert Hall, have finally agreed to noise abatement procedures that will hopefully keep trains running in Downtown's newest subway from disrupting the listening and recording experiences at the Hall and the Colburn School of Music, the LA Times reports. The Regional Connector, now in pre-construction, is set to connect various light rail lines and create three new stations in DTLA, including one behind Disney Hall. Music officials have long been concerned that trains, even 135 feet below, would fudge up Disney's famed acoustics.

As part of the new agreement, Metro will push noise-reduction techniques as hard, or soft, as they can go—using the best rubber insulation money can buy in two areas underneath the track and stiffening concrete slabs to make sure vibrations, the biggest cause for noise concern, don't reach surface level. All parties—Metro, the Colburn, Disney Hall architect Frank Gehry, and Disney Hall tenants like the LA Philharmonic, the LA Master Chorale, and the REDCAT theater—worked toward a solution. But, if the abatement fails, the Music Center promises a lawsuit to collect financial damages.
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