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Here's the "Bay of LA" Map From a Future Drowned Los Angeles

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It'll be at least a few centuries before Los Angeles is consumed by rising sea levels, but in the mean time, there's a map to show us that post-apocalyptic lay of the land (and sea). The map, made by a campus planner at the University of Washington named Jeffrey Linn, anticipates what LA could look like in a future where all the world's ice sheets have disappeared. Explains Linn on his Spatialities site, "The USGS has estimated that the total rise would be about 265′. I'm taking artistic license with anything over 225 or so feet, and just calling it 'all the world's ice sheets'." That severe a rise would submerge pretty much the whole LA basin and parts of the OC, according to the maps, creating what Linn has called the Bay of LA. South LA would then have Baldwin Island and of course the Strait Outta Compton, while East LA would have Playa de East Los and Boyle Point. Mid-Wilshire and West Hollywood would be home to new watery landmarks like Miracle Mire, Wilshore, and, yes, Wet Ho. (Okay, that last nickname needs work.) Fun, yet more than a little spooky. For a more zoomed-in view of the future flood wreckage, there's this Google-Earth-based map, and for a front-row seat, there are these renderings of Venice underwater.

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