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Rent (or Barter) at Silver Lake's Animal-Packed Urban Farm

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Recently, word got out about a herd of sheep living in a Silver Lake backyard. If you found that story intriguing, you might be even more interested to know that the Silver Lake shepherd/shepherdess is now seeking a tenant with whom to share his/her quirky property. Per the Craigslist notice: "Furnished studio space available in my home, with private entrance, your own complete kitchen and shared full bathroom. Lots of outside space. Deck with beautiful views. $1500 excluding utilities, but we could share the bills and the laundry too. Open for barter. Babysitting, handyman work, cooking...anything that can free up some of my time. I have two babies, ten sheep one dog. But all animals not in house or in your private area of the property. And bathroom only shared with humans." The ad then goes on to say rather mysteriously, "My chickens are on roadtrip, but they might be back soon, then you will have fresh eggs everyday included too." Sounds like a pretty good deal to us (and the chickens are awfully adorable, to boot)!

· $1500 / 1br - Silverlake Spacious Studio with Big Deck and Stunning View [Craigslist]