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Outdoors Week Concludes, Light Rail to Bob Hope Airport

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[The Robert Smith Residence designed by Byles & Weston offers some excellent indoor/outdoor space; asking $1.7 MM in Pasadena]

This Week's Top Stories: Outdoors Week 2014 has wrapped up, but let's not forget those wonderful moments we shared together: Put on your hiking boots and hit one of the easy-to-difficult level hikes we've listed in our post Los Angeles hikes with spectacular endings. For those ready to explore the under-appreciated parks dotting LA's landscape, we have a map to help you hit the spots worth checking out. Major work is being proposed or is currently underway to fix up the LA River, and we've mapped most of these ongoing projects. Ready to get the f* out of town for the weekend and commune with nature? We've put together a short list of worthwhile camp sites about an hour outside of Los Angeles. In non outdoorsy news, Andy Samberg has purchased the fantastic Moorcrest estate in Beachwood Canyon and pictures show how crazy nice it really is. The future of mass transit in the Valley may finally see light rail on the Orange Line and a direct connection to Burbank's Bob Hope Airport, and maybe some Metro Red Line (subway) action thrown in for good measure.