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VOTE: What's the Best Dog Park (or Beach) in Los Angeles?

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As part of Outdoors Week 2014, we're looking to settle the question once and for all of Los Angeles's best dog park. There are four contenders and voting starts NOW, stays open all weekend, and closes at 9 am on Monday. Look for the winner—you know, the top dog—shortly after.

All week long, we've been meeting the pups of Los Angeles's finest dog parks: the Hollywood types at Runyon Canyon, the soggy dogs of all variety at Rosie's Dog Beach in Long Beach, the sociable mutts at William S. Hart Park in West Hollywood, and the total goofballs at Hermon Dog Park in Montecito Heights. (Yes, we've been anthropomorphizing them big-time.) Now it's time to vote on which dog park/beach is the best. Click the links, ogle the dogs, melt from cuteness, rally the pup-lovers, and let's get to voting. The winner gets bragging rights, the very best rights of all.

Poll results

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Runyon Canyon

2001 N. Fuller Ave., Los Angeles, CA