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41 Photos Inside Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom's Mindblowing Moorcrest Estate

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Yesterday, we heard that actor/comedian Andy Samberg and musician Joanna Newsom have purchased Moorcrest, the famed 1920s house where Mary Astor and Charlie Chaplin once lived. Today, thanks to the semi-secret listing site (hit cancel at the password prompt), we finally get a look inside the estate, and it is damn spectacular. These photos are, in a word, nuts. We'd heard that the lavish residence combined several styles, from Moorish to Art Nouveau, but who could have imagined this? The large glass bubble visible in earlier aerial shots of the property is a beautiful, light-flooded atrium; the pool in the backyard is more like a movie set, with a little (man-made) cave and a stepping-stone path. Nearly every inch of the house is covered in what look like painstakingly-detailed patterns.

Moorcrest was built for the utopian Krotona Colony in Beachwood Canyon and was designed by Marie Russak Hotchener, a rare-for-the-time female architect who designed several buildings for the Theosophist community; Moorcrest is considered one of her most famous and out-there pieces.They just do not build 'em like this anymore.

The seller is listed as a trust, but it appears to be Andrew Meieran, the producer/nightlife guy who's slowly fixing up the Downtown Clifton's and also owns The Edison; we hear he put a lot of work into rehabbing the place before first listing it for sale in 2006. Samberg and Newsom bought the property in an off-market deal for $6.25 million.

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