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Riverside Selling Two 1890s Houses But You Have to Fix 'Em Up

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For the past several years, the city of Riverside has been grappling with the question of what to do with two of its landmark structures, the McIntyre and Sweatt Houses. Built in the early 1890s for prominent local citizens, both residences still exhibit fine craftsmanship and possess lavish period details, but are also in advanced states of dilapidation. In 2010, there was a plan in place to transplant the historic houses to an area across town that the city hoped to revitalize, and then to fix up and sell them, but changing redevelopment laws put a stop to that idea. In 2012, the houses were offered up for sale with a $1 pricetag, along with the stipulation that the buyer move the structures to another site within Riverside.

Two years later, the city council has backed away from that condition, and is now seeking offers for the "purchase, on-site rehabilitation, and adaptive re-use" of the historic properties. Per the request for proposals, an open house will be held on August 8 from 9 am to noon, and the deadline for offers is September 26.

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