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Work Begins on Metro's NoHo Tunnel and Universal Ped Bridge

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It's gonna be an exciting time for LA transit in early 2016: the Expo Line will arive in Santa Monica and two other much-anticipated projects, the Universal City pedestrian bridge and the North Hollywood Red/Orange Line tunnel will be arriving too. Metro reps tell Curbed construction has finally begun on both Valley projects—one of which is adored and the other contentious. The $22-million NoHo tunnel is seen as a brilliant way to connect Orange Line busway riders to the Red Line subway without making them wait for that annoying traffic light at Lankershim or making them cross the insane boulevard. Contractor Skanska, already building several LA transit projects, is punching a hole through the NoHo subway station and building a pedestrian tunnel to the Orange Line terminus, where commuters can take elevators and escalators up to the surface.

Work has also begun on the pedestrian bridge connecting the Universal City station with the front door of Universal and the tram that takes people up to CityWalk and the amusement park. This $27-million project has frustrated some who think it won't make life any easier for commuters, tourists, and employees trying to get to Universal without waiting for a walk signal, since they'll have to go up and down a bunch stairs and/or elevators (it doesn't activate street life, either). On the bright side, more exercise and less fear of getting hit by a texting asshole!
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