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West LA's Sepulveda Train Station Only Getting Half a Sidewalk

The Expo Line extension to Santa Monica is now more than 60 percent complete and should open in a year in a half (if not earlier). The Sepulveda station, a block south of Pico, just got its elevator cages installed and is almost ready for primetime. But will Sepulveda Boulevard be ready for the train's arrival? The north-south conduit has no sidewalks on much of its west side, through West LA, which will make it very hard to walk anywhere from the station (the sidewalk on the east side is narrow and abuts a parking lot between Exposition Boulevard and Pico). However, the Expo Authority tells Curbed they're building a westside sidewalk on Sepulveda from Exposition to Pico. North of Pico, the sidewalk again disappears on the westside, so the boulevard's car-orientation will likely remain even when the train is running.

· Expo Extension is 60% Done and Should Be Finished in a Year [Curbed LA]