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Major Gamechanger Headed For Sunset in Western Hollywood

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A friendly tipster has shared with us the news that a *pedestrian dead zone on Sunset Boulevard between Curson and Gardner is looking at some big changes in the form of a huge, ped-friendly mixed-user that would replace existing structures along two blocks (yes, that includes the current home of Meltdown Comics) with two new buildings containing 236 luxury condos and 30,000 square feet of street-level retail between the two of them. The five-story project from WeHo-based developers Faring Capital and architects Killefer Flammang hopes to further activate this quiet stretch along Sunset by widening the sidewalks and positioning cafes on the corners.

One of the buildings will have a "Hollywood Regency feel" to it, while the other's aiming for an edgier, more modern look that at this point incorporates teak and bronze. Faring Capital founder Jason Illoulian tells Curbed that they hope tenants of the current retail spots will come back once the development's new retail spaces open up. The Illoulian family, he tells us, has owned the property for many years and has existing relationships with all the current tenants.

The project's still in the process of getting community feedback, but FC is hopeful that they'll be able to crank out the environmental impact report, get entitlements from the city, and start construction as soon as late 2016.

Meanwhile, Illoulian himself is partnering with furniture store operator Jamie Adler to turn West Hollywood's The Factory into a retail/hotel development. He's also working on a project near Robertson and Beverly that will combine condos, retail, and office space (more on that shortly).
· West Hollywood's Legendary Factory Could Become Hub of Walkable Retail/Hotel District [Curbed LA]