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The 7 Most Amazing Celebrity Pools, Yards, and Outdoor Spaces

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It's Outdoors Week! And while the greatest thing about the great outdoors is that they're open to all, celebrities aren't just like the rest of us: they pay gajillions for insane, over-the-top, weird outdoor spaces to enjoy in their coddled privacy. We've rounded up seven of Los Angeles's craziest celebrity yards for your enjoyment.

↑ No list of amazing, celebrity-owned outdoor amenities could begin with anything other than these grounds. Don't let the amazing, torch-lit grotto section of Drake's pool distract you from other areas, like the swim-up bar or double waterfalls. The Canadian singer/former teen actor's Hidden Hills backyard (which he bought from the guy who owns the goofy Saddle Ranch restaurant) also features a supremely expensive-looking wooden ping-pong table; a towering, elaborate fireplace that would sing tenor if this were a Disney musical; and a rectangle of sand for playing beach volleyball. Drake found the house by Googling "What are the world's craziest residential pools?"

↑ The Bird Streets mansion of Swedish Dj Avicii has a pool that begins at his doorstep, flows into a lap pool, and then flows again into a cantilevered pool that hangs over the side of his house. A water feature like that combined with the breathtaking views from his yard (plus his DJ skills) means that the party is always at Avicii's house.

Last we heard, pop sensation Rihanna was renting a house above the Sunset Strip with a naughty pool and a tawdry history. The house, owned by a DJ who purchased it from the creator of Rockstar energy drinks, is the pinnacle of high class and good taste. Just kidding! When viewed from above, the pool and 12-person spa has been said to resemble a penis. It's kind of a like a Magic Eye picture: some people see it; others don't.

↑ The sprawling Holmby Hills home of the late, great American Top 40 host Casey Kasem has many lavish features, but none perhaps more unique than the heart-shaped pool in the backyard. The pool has two bathhouses, as well as three Greek-ish pavillions by the base of the heart. There's also a par-three golf course, formal gardens, and a tennis court tucked into the backyard property.

Ashton Kutcher's former Hollywood Hills house has a floating dining area, a meandering infinity pool that enters the house, and a patio with a killer view of Lake Hollywood. We've betting it was hard to leave the place for the more traditional, more baby-safe BHPO mansion he recently purchased with his pregnant former That '70s Show co-star Mila Kunis.

[Video via @katyweaver]

↑ This video, while brief, offers a glimpse into the weirdo backyard that performer/provocateur Miley Cyrus clearly put together for herself. Salient features include a Hollywood Sign; a life-sized white horse; and a four-person, $25,000 tipi, which fits four. Miley bought the cute mid-century house back in 2011.

↑ Damn, Ron Popeil: way to have a beautiful piece of land. Known as Rancho Quinta Ladera, this 150-acre ranch in the San Marcos Pass outside of Santa Barbara was established by President McKinley and has horseback-riding trails, giant, old oak trees, and a barn. Oh, yes, and it also has extensive, unfettered views of the surrounding hills.
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