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Bike Lanes Canceled on Figueroa in Cypress, Highland Park

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Councilmember Gil Cedillo is on the receiving end of some ire from Northeast LAers who were hoping that he'd be giving the okay to two-miles of proposed bike lanes along Figueroa, from the street's intersection with Avenue 26 in Cypress Park up to Avenue 52 in Highland Park; instead, he's "deferring the implementation of any bike lanes on Figueroa until I can ensure all residents who travel along this corridor will be safe," reports Eastsider LA. So ... never? New bike lanes on Figueroa would require the removal of one car lane, which was the sticking point for opponents, who worried that possible side effects might include increased traffic along the arterial street and slower emergency response times.

The response from the councilmember came after months of impassioned/disorderly community outpourings at meetings with city officials and at demonstrations organized by bike lane supporters, who say that the lanes will definitely impact traffic—by making the street a safer place for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as making the street more welcoming and attractive.

The Fig bike plan was approved way back in 2010 ("Cedillo's election last year [led] to further delays" already) and was supposed to extend bike lanes/the road diet all the way up to York Boulevard, which has its own bike lanes. In the same statement from Cedillo's office putting the bike lanes on the back-burner indefinitely, it was announced that the councilmember would focus on other bike- and pedestrian-friendly features for the street, like the "reconfiguration of traffic signals, installation of crosswalks and more curb ramps" instead of the contentious road diet.
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