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Hipster Mayor Saves Foster the People's Downtown Mural

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What a suspenseful few days it's been for this 125-by-150-foot mural commissioned by the LA band Foster the People earlier this year: Friday it was condemned and today it's received a reprieve from the mayor himself, reports KPCC. This past Friday, a member of the the band posted on FTP's website to say that the city informed the band the mural had to come down. "The permits that we were told were approved, have retroactively been denied due to a number of issues involving the building and the city."

Though there weren't any further details about what those issues were, the LA Times suggested that they may have had something to do with the fact that city regulations say murals must be "art" and not advertisements. This particular mural is the same image as the cover of Foster the People's latest release—it was also the backdrop for a free concert that the band had given prior to the album's release—and "there'[d] been discussion in the community since it went up over whether the mural constitutes an ad for the "Supermodel" album or is a legitimate piece of art."

The mural was supposed to be painted over by today, but there was an eleventh-hour reprieve, courtesy of the internet. Supporters of the mural organized an online petition to spare the painting and Mayor Garcetti somehow saw it and decided to let the mural stay—maybe he loves that "Pumped Up Kicks" song that's on every commercial, but he's not giving a lot of credence to his "not a hipster" claims. Anyway, there was much rejoicing.

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