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Mapping More Than 150 Years of Shark Attacks in SoCal

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With the summer well underway and the beaches filling up, it couldn't be a better time to start thinking about shark attacks. Using data from the Shark Attack Survivors website, which keeps track of all the attacks from 1851 to July 2014, the Daily Breeze has whipped up an interactive map to show just where and when documented attacks have happened—including the recent attack in Manhattan Beach. Orange dots indicate non-fatal attacks; red dots indicate an attack that resulted in death. The waters off the coast of Los Angeles, especially the Santa Monica Bay, are a favorite of great whites, but there's no need to freak out—says a rep for heal the Bay, "I always tell people you have a better chance of getting in an accident on the 405" than getting attacked by a shark.
· Where, when California shark attacks have happened over time [DB]