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Watch Expo Line Phase I Officially Joined to Expo Line Phase II

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The timely progress of the Expo Line extension, presently about 60 percent finished, is a thing of beauty for Angelenos who've dreamed for generations of being able to take a train to the beach—altogether, the line will stretch from Downtown to Santa Monica. In what can be considered "a nice sign of progress" on the way to Expo completion, a short new video from The Source, taken at the Culver City station platform, shows the noisy, unceremonious welding together of Phase One and Phase Two tracks. While that doesn't mean that the full Expo's nearly ready to open for business (there are still stations to finish and track to lay), it's symbolically a milestone and just plain cool. The extended Expo Line is expected to finish construction at the end of this year and will sport seven new stations on its route from Culver City to Santa Monica.

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