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West Hollywood's Legendary Factory Could Become Hub of Walkable Retail/Hotel District

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A young developer has proposed a plan to turn West Hollywood's The Factory—greater LA's own gay version of Studio 54—into a majorly transformative, pedestrian-friendly, hotel/retail project, WeHoville reports. Developer Jason Illoulian is partnering with Jamie Adler, who operates a nearby furniture store, on the Robertson Lane project, which could further enliven Robertson Boulevard and turn La Peer Drive into more of a destination (and less of a handjob alley). Hodgetts + Fung came up with a design that creates a 30-to-35-foot pedestrian lane from La Peer to Robertson to help spur foot traffic. The Factory nightclub, which housed movie camera production before becoming a swinging hotspot in 1967, would morph into a 250-room hotel surrounded by small stores and restaurants. Illoulian and Adler want distinctive retail akin to Hollywood's Space 15 Twenty and Culver City's The Platform, rather than drugstores or Target. Neighbors are sure to gnash their teeth over the project's potential to generate traffic, but perhaps they'll be mollified by its 1,000-space underground garage.

The project now heads to the city's Design Review Subcommittee and Mayor John D'Amico is an early fan; he convinced the developers and architect to straighten the walkway so you can see directly through it. Illoulian is also planning a new office building on Beverly Boulevard, while a different developer is working on the huge mixed-use Melrose Triangle project—walking distance from Robertson Lane.
· 'Robertson Lane' Proposes to Replace 'The Factory' on WeHo's Westside [WeHoville]