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Mayor Wants New Gold Line Extension to Go to Whittier

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The environmental impact report for the Gold Line extension from East LA to either Whittier or El Monte is due in two weeks, and a final decision on the route is expected in the next few months. Mayor/Metro Chair Garcetti made some subtle nods to his preference for that route at a transpo forum this week in Claremont, the San Gabriel Valley Tribune reports. Garcetti indicated he'd like a Washington Boulevard/Whittier route; he brought up that route's transit-dependent neighbors and it's projected higher ridership—a 9.5-mile route to Whittier would carry about 19,900 people a day, while a 6.9-mile route atop the 60, ending in El Monte, would only attract 16,700 (municipalities along both routes are lobbying hard for the train).

The one with higher expected ridership would cost more ($1.65 billion v. $1.5 billion) and some say the Whittier route would encourage more transit-oriented development. Playing it safe, the mayor indicated his preference for both routes if there's money, but everyone wants in on the light rail/subway action, so good luck with that.
· L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti supports Gold Line Whittier route, Azusa-to-Claremont extension [SGVT]