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Donald Trump Allowed to Keep Illegally Huge Flagpole in RPV

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The California Coastal Commission ruled Wednesday that scofflaw Donald Trump can keep the illegally erected giant flagpole that's been up for nearly a decade at his Trump National Golf Club, provided that Rancho Palos Verdes changes its existing height rules, reports the Daily Breeze. Seeing as how RPV's height limit is 26 feet, issues with the 70-foot-tall, unpermitted flagpole were bound to come up, and they did, shortly after it was raised in 2006. At that time, RPV officials determined that the flag could stay flying, but it still needed to get state approval. Trump did a bit of foot-dragging on getting that paperwork in, and so here we are, eight years later, almost settling the matter.

Now that the pole has the thumbs-up from the CCC, RPV needs to change its height limits and Trump has to resubmit his application in order for the flagpole to be truly legal. All the rigmarole is going to be worth it, though, since the too-tall post has become something of a community landmark, galvanizing two dozen local supporters, who showed up at the meeting where CCC approval was given with their own tiny flags to wave.

Trump had previously gotten in trouble with RPV for illegally planting 12- and 14-foot-tall ficus trees on the course to hide some houses in "horrendous condition" on the other side.
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