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New Renderings of the Fake Old Spaghetti Factory in Hollywood

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With construction on the Sunset/Gordon tower well underway, developers CIM Group have released some new renderings into the world of their soon-to-be-completed high-rise. Conspicuously making an appearance at that corner—is that a recreated Old Spaghetti Factory? Yes! After CIM demolished the original Old Spaghetti building (illegally, some neighbors say, although CIM said it was too far gone to save), they promised to recreate some of the facades so it'd look exactly like the original and historic 1924 building had been worked into the new complex. These new images, seen on Building LA, also feature the inside of the recreated building, where the four original trusses and a very cool fireplace mantel salvaged from the one-time Peerless luxury auto showroom have been incorporated into the new design.

The fake Old Spaghetti may sound like kind of an incongruous design element, but it doesn't look awful from these images. We'll all be able to judge for ourselves soon enough: the project, just across the street from the stunning new Emerson College campus, broke ground in 2012 and is scheduled to open its 300 apartments, street-level retail and creative office space toward the end of 2014.

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Old Spaghetti Factory

5939 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA