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First Look at Expo-Adjacent Denny's Mixed-User in SaMo

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Back in 2012, plans were announced to turn a Denny's on what will be Expo-adjacent property into a mixed-use development, but they've just finally made their way to the city approval process, reports the Santa Monica Daily Press. Last week, developer NMS Properties informally presented their designs to the planning commission ahead of official negotiations with Santa Monica. Plans call for a five-story building with 100 units and 11,500 square feet of groundlevel commercial space, but city officials weren't bowled over, critiquing what they felt was a lack of green space and an "inconsistency" with surrounding buildings, among other things.

They were joined by reps for FSTAR, whose own mixed-use project at the site of a shuttered Norms is kitty-corner to this one. These are dark, sad times for Santa Monicans who love to eat breakfast for dinner. Both projects are headed to negotiations at city hall, then onto the city council, which will have to give final approval.

SMDP calls these "the first two projects proposed as a part of City Hall's long-term plan for a residential mixed-use corridor along Lincoln near the incoming Expo Light Rail station."

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