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Mapping the Fastest Way to Get Anywhere in Santa Monica

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Every driver who's ever thought "It would have been faster if I'd walked!" might have been right, depending on where they were in the city. The latest guide from the brainy mapmakers over at MIT Media Lab's awesome You Are Here project allows users to click on any point in Santa Monica and see the fastest way to get from that location to any other point in the city, whether it's walking (green), driving (red), public transit (blue), or biking (yellow). To make the map, they "gridded up the city at the block-group level" and then calculated how long it would take from the center of the block-group to the center of the destination block-group, allowing you to compare mobility from that point to elsewhere all at once. Even taking into account a buffer for parking and walking (they don't say how much of a buffer, though), there's a lot of red on that map, which would suggest that driving, while occasionally blood-boiling, is often the quickest way to make it to your destination. That's a bit misleading, though, as the map does not take traffic into account.

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