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Lautner's Carling Residence, Big Union Station Makeover

[Rumor has it that Dr. Dre just purchased the house Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen built for $40 million]

This Week's Top Stories: Rental rates are rising all over LA but there are still some bargains to be had if you're willing to move to Historic South Central or Glassell Park. The Army Corps of Engineers has given the thumbs up to the most ambitious plan for restoration of the Los Angeles River, so take a look at what our green, water-y future holds. The story behind the Tail O' The Pup hot dog stand is a sad tale of displacement, but maybe some day it will come back to LA. The John Lautner designed Carling Residence in the Hollywood Hills has come back on the market yet again, but this time with a shiny new price. The master plan for the big redevelopment of Union Station in Downtown LA is eliciting oohs and ahhs with plans for a nice plaza and lots of new development that may come to fruition. Renderings of the SoLA Village development just south of Downtown LA will include a 19-story hotel and two big condo towers. A stumpier version of the Rem Koolhaas/ OMA designed mixed-use project planned for Santa Monica will get a look next week by the SaMo City Council.