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Watch Two Councilmembers in a Hilarious Race on the LA River

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Everyone is abuzz about the opening of the LA River to recreational kayaking for the summer, but the river is also the site of a deeply competitive face of the sport, like the one seen in this video from Councilmember Mitch O'Farrell. The film features O'Farrell ('The Sultan of Silver Lake") and Councilmember Nury Martinez ("Principessa of Panorama City") as kayaking kompetitors vying for the Golden Paddle Award, an invented but nevertheless highly-sought-after prize. The demanding course throws a lot of obstacles at the boaters: rocks, towering weeds, raging rapids, the distracting allure of mid-century modern furniture, and a shoeless banjo-plucker all stand between kayakers and the finish line, making for a suspenseful, hilarious watch. Stay until the end for the surprise victor and some serious hair-flipping.

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