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Mapping the (Mostly Huge) Housing Price Jumps Across LA

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The MLS has published quite the terrifying map showing where single-family house sale prices are headed in pretty much every Los Angeles neighborhood and the overwhelming answer is: up. Up up up. Way the heck up. (Except for you, Monterey Park. You're excused. For some reason your housing prices have dropped 44 percent.) The map and accompanying list compare median sales price data from the first quarter of 2013 and the first quarter of 2014. Hollywood leads the pack with a 53 percent increase, from a median of $819,625 all the way up to a median of $1.73 million. The Westside somehow continues to get more and more expensive—deal with this: the median sales price in Palms is now well over a million dollars. But East LA and several parts of South LA are getting much pricier too, and Eagle Rock, as promised, is getting quite hot with a 25 percent price increase over last year. Weirdly, prices in both covetable West Hollywood and Malibu fell 11 percent. See the full list this way and maybe consider renting instead.

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