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Watch Los Angeles's Road Network Grow, From 1888 to 2010

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Los Angeles is famous for its enormous network of roads (the incredibly sorry state of those roads is another thing we're famous for). But how often do we consider all the roadways and how they link up instead of just cursing the one that we're stuck on? A new video by doctoral student and an associate professor at Arizona State University visualizes the expansion of LA County's roads, starting in 1888 and running all the way up to 2010; it's especially interesting as a companion to this similar video of Los Angeles's growth as a city over roughly the same time period. Variations in color denote the age of the thoroughfares, with green being the oldest roads and red being newest. Watch as the map blooms with color in the fifties and the trend carries on through the eighties to the present. It would be a lot less enchanting if it showed the flow of traffic on those roads, but, thankfully, it doesn't.

Growth of the Los Angeles Roadway Network from Mikhail Chester on Vimeo.

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