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Gamechanging Mixed-User/Hotel/Grocery Store Planned For Historic South-Central

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Two parking lots near the LA Mart/Reef Building could soon have much more on them than a giant novelty chair. We first heard last month about plans to build some kind of mixed-use project on the site, but now the details have surfaced and, while preliminary, are the kind of thing that could bring an Arts-District-style reboot to this side of the 10 Freeway. A filing with the city, via Building LA, shows that Glendale-based owners PRH LA are planning to build 1,449 residential units (including 21 live/work units), 40,000 square feet for restaurant and bar use, and 85,000 square feet of retail, including a 30,000-square-foot grocery store.

As if this wasn't enough, there will also be—wait for it—a 208-room hotel. The filing also mentions plans to expand the Reef Building, which is currently advertised as "a complete habitat of creation." (This place could be a nearly-complete habitat for living if all these plans come to fruition.)

The lots are just a short walk from the Blue Line's Grand Station, which will no doubt be a selling point for this ambitious development in a part of town that doesn't ever see major new residential development on a scale like this, though the last few years have brought a rehab of the historic jazz spot the Dunbar Hotel (into senior living) and the Koning Eizenberg-designed reboot of the Twenty-Eighth Street YMCA.
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