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Watch the Tail O' the Pup Get On Its Way to Restoration

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The Tail O' The Pup hot dog stand still—perhaps oddly—holds a special place in the hearts of Baby Boomer Angelenos. Designed by Milton Black and erected in 1946, the stand held court for decades on La Cienega across from Kiddyland, an amusement park later bulldozed to make way for the Beverly Center. Two world-famous dancers opened the Pup, but sold it to Eddie Blake in the early seventies, who later moved it to San Vicente. The stand closed there in 2005 and the distinctive "mimetic" hot dog was placed in storage. But the dog could come back to life, according to video from Vintage Los Angeles (via Wehoville), which chronicled the Pup's move from a Torrance warehouse and its prep for a trip to Vegas, where it will be restored. It's not yet clear where the Pup will end up.

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