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1935 Gas Station Becoming Drive-Through Starbucks in H'Wood

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The 1935 Gilmore Gas Station at Willoughby and Highland is a landmark that's fallen into a very sad state, but Starbucks is in the midst of restoring it so they can turn it into a drive-through, reports the Larchmont Buzz. The corporation has had its eye on the tiny space (just about 800 square feet inside) since last fall, but they just recently started getting the outreach and zoning aspects of the endeavor into gear, giving a presentation to the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council last week. The wood and aluminum exterior of the building will be fully restored, from the aluminum-and-glass doors to the fancy trim, says the project's architect. Because the space is so small, indoor seating will be limited, but there will be a walk-up window (brilliant!) and outdoor seating.

The hearing for the conditional use permit that would allow the former gas station to operate as a coffee shop (and stay open from 5 am to midnight) is anticipated for later this summer. A rep for Starbucks says the corporation hopes to open the new location around the middle of 2015.
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