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Expo Extension is 60% Done and Should Be Finished in a Year

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Santa Monicans might not be surprised with news that the Expo Line extension, which will hit Colorado Boulevard and Fourth Street when it's finished, is more than 60 percent complete, what with all the track already laid and construction workers swarming the streets. But it is indeed that close to finished, and the Expo Line Construction Authority announced today that almost all the bridge construction is done and all seven stations are now under construction; the Palms and Westwood/Rancho Park stations have elevators and canopies in place, respectively.

Crossing gates were recently installed at Westwood Boulevard and Overland Avenue, while four out of 15 miles of track have been installed. The authority is busy installing street-level track across the non-grade-separated intersections; Twenty-Sixth, Twentieth, and Nineteenth Streets are getting the treatment in July, along with busy Barrington Avenue in West LA. Expo rep Gabriela Collins tells us that construction on the extension should be finished in a year.
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