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Dr. Dre Just Bought the Brady/Bundchen Mansion for $40MM

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A nice way to celebrate selling your company to Apple for $3 billion is to buy a colossal $40-million megamansion, and that's just what Dr. Dre's done. Curbed reported rumors last month that the Doctor might be purchasing the Brentwood Country Estates house built by New England Patriot Tom Brady and supermodel Gisele Bundchen, but nothing was confirmed until today, when the LA Times reported that the rapper/media magnate managed to get the house for $10 million under the $50-million asking price: he paid $40 million. The massive chateau, designed by megamansion-maker Richard Landry, is bedecked in limestone and gets some major "Old World charm" points for having a combination moat and koi pond in front of the house. (No drawbridge?) Inside, there are loggia, a gym, a sauna, five bedrooms, and nine bathrooms. The view across the infinity pool from inside the covered patio almost makes it look like a very small, natural body of water. In total, the property stretches over nearly four acres.

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