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Dramatic Before/Afters From the Even-Better LA River Rehab

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Reach 7. Cornfield, looking downstream. Restored wetlands will have a "terraced connection" to the river.

Last week, the Army Corps of Engineers changed their minds and decided to back the biggest, boldest restoration of the LA River (previously they'd been pushing a very modest plan, boo). If it's approved by Congress (which is likely, now that it's got the support of the Corps), Alternative 20 will transform two segments along the river—the LA State Historic Park (aka the Cornfield) and the Verdugo Wash—in addition to making all the the other improvements included in the other plans (like those in Taylor Yard and Piggyback Yard, to name a few). For most Angelenos, the river was, until fairly recently, a concrete channel running beneath the freeway, so here are a few visual aids to illustrate what the waterway could look like once it's been given a billion-dollar boost, courtesy of the Army Corps initial report on all the alternatives.

Reach 3. Verdugo Wash, looking downstream

Alternative 20 also ropes in all the upgrades proposed as part of the Alternative 10, 13, and 16 plans, including these ones we originally saw the Army Corps was pushing Alternative 13.

Reach 6. Taylor Yard, looking downstream


Reach 8. Piggyback Yard, looking southeastward

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