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Beach Blockers on Notice, LACMA Blobs Across Wilshire

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[One Santa Fe in Downtown's Arts District is now leasing up. Check out the floorplans.]

This Week's Top Stories: A plan is in the early stages to put a bike path in the LA River channel, connecting Griffith Park to Long Beach. The State is cracking down on beach-adjacent property owners who are trying to keep the public off the beaches through gates, fake signs, and other means. Renderings have been revealed for three infill projects in the works around Sunset Junction, including the long abandoned Bates Motel property. Peter Zumthor's blobby redesign of LACMA will no longer blob around the La Brea Tar Pits, as a new design has LACMA blobbing over Wilshire Boulevard, instead. Much needed homeless housing is finally coming to Downtown, with the conversion of the Rosslyn Hotel to 264 single-room occupancy apartments. A beautiful Richard Neutra-designed single family home in Palos Verdes Estates has come on the market for $2.149 million. People in LA are paying way too much for housing based on their incomes, so it's time for everyone to ask for a cost of living increase on your paychecks.