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Pretty Maps Show the Best Bike Routes Through Los Angeles

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The weekend is upon us and it's going to be a classic warm-and-sunny one—a pretty good time to slather on the sunblock and pump up those bike tires. Instead of following the same old route, why not pick a new path based on popular rides that other Angelenos are biking, as demonstrated by the app Strava, which collects data from users on where they're biking and puts it into this snappy, blue-hued map. The brighter and wider the line, the more trafficked the route by Strava users. Fans of city biking might want to try hilly Sunset Boulevard or flat Venice Boulevard, both of which are neon blue due to their popularity. (They both have good stretches of bike lanes too.) Mountain bikers are cutting glowing lines through the hills between the Valley and Hollywood on both faces.

· Los Angeles Heat Map [Strava]