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Downtown's Historic Rosslyn Hotel Becoming Homeless Housing

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In time and place almost totally lacking in reasonably-priced housing, some of the neediest people Downtown are getting a small break. Starting this summer, the Rosslyn Hotel (not to be confused with Rosslyn Lofts across the street) will be leasing out 264 single-room occupancy apartments to the homeless, with rooms set aside for veterans and those with mental illness, says KPCC. (Tenants who were already living in the hotel and don't want to move will be able to continue to live there.) The Rosslyn will be run by SRO Housing Corporation, a nonprofit that bought the hotel in 2010 and has been renovating it for this project; they've done this kind of hotel-conversion project before on Skid Row. The nonprofit will also provide on-site mental health and addiction support to residents. Nearby, the infamously skeezy Cecil Hotel attempted a similar conversion that was deeply unpopular with neighbors who fear formerly-homeless people.
· Downtown LA's historic Rosslyn Hotel Apartments set to become permanent housing for homeless [SCPR]