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This Little Mt. Wash Cottage Just Sold for $190k Over Asking

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An incredulous tipster sent us this listing saying, "we looked at this fixer-upper in Cypress Park, listed at $559,000, and figured it would go over asking price — possibly even up to $650k. We were SHOCKED to discover it went for $750k." That's right: it sold in ">about three weeks for $750,000—$190,000 over asking. (Note: this house last sold in 2010 for $227,000; that was over the asking price as well: it had been listed for just $215,000.) Sure, it could be that someone really wanted this little ranch-style residence, but it is also equally likely that we're looking at a teardown or a major flip in the making—the .31-acre property includes a detached two-car garage, a standalone redwood studio space, and *one additional parcel.

Perhaps the buyer is planning on making a fortune renting the little house, the detached garage, and the very cool renovated Airstream trailer (part of the sale as well) on Airbnb. Maybe there's a gold vein running through the property. Then again, it could just be that the buyer is a person who appreciates their space and who yearns to hear the sounds of "owls hooting in the night."

· 3790 Glenalbyn Dr., Los Angeles (City), CA 90065 [Redfin]